If Millennials Want to Change Jobs All The Time Do You Owe Them Development?

Tim Sackett Employee Development, Tim Sackett

I’m a huge proponent of developing your employees. I was raised by a Baby Boomer who would tell me, “If you spend money on developing employees, they’ll just leave for a better job, so it’s a waste of money!” I’m sure many of you reading this probably have current bosses who have the same theory of management and employee development. …

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How To Talk About Compensation During the Interview Process

Patrick Ward Compensation/Cash Money, Patrick Ward

“Mo Money, Mo Problems.” “Take the Money and Run.” “Money for Nothing.” We sing a lot about money in our lives. But what happens when we get down to business and attempt to discuss it in a job search or interview process? Recently, this topic was in the news as a candidate was disqualified from the interview process for asking …

My Monday Motivation Starts on July 24, 2014.

Holland Dombeck McCue Employee Engagement, Engagement and Satisfaction, Generations, Holland Dombeck, Performance, Recognition, Recruiting

I received the below text from my best friend last week (pardon any talk-to-text typos). She’s a healthcare recruiter down in South Florida and isn’t exactly crazy about her career. Like me, she spent a couple of her post-grad years working retail. It was 2008, and the times were rough. Retail was a secure option with solid pay and benefits. …