You Know You’re a Manager When….

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Leadership

I can count many blessings. Among those is the fact that not only do I have a great boss, I have two fantastic managers reporting to me. When you have strong people supporting your efforts, you can sometimes take for granted the fact that development continues for all of us – even those who are already at a pretty advanced …

HR Seems to Operate at the Speed of Slow

Laurie Ruettimann HR, Laurie Ruettimann, Uncategorized, Workplace Flexibilty

I have several friends with gifted and talented kids who are also spaced out, distracted and slow. In some cases, there are clinical reasons why these children can’t grasp the concept of time and respond to normal social cues. In other situations, kids are just kids. (Of course, it takes ten minutes to brush your teeth. You’re eight years old, …