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Quality of Hire Matters When No One Gets Fired

Laurie Ruettimann Laurie Ruettimann, Metrics

No environment exists in America where people are fired dispassionately, quickly and easily. It just doesn’t happen, folks. Yes, there are boiler rooms and call centers where people smile and dial for dollars. Some sales quotas and metrics need to be attained in backroom offices and on showroom floors or somebody goes home unhappy. But most people quit before they …

Professional Positions Available! College Degree NOT Required!

Tim Sackett Candidate Pool, Tim Sackett, Uncategorized

Surprise! The newest trend in professional recruiting is that candidates don’t need an actual college degree! Yeah, you know that thing you automatically put into your job description before you add anything else. So, you’re hiring a manager of project development, what degree is that? You need a Business Analyst, what school do you want them to come from? Does …