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Turn Your Chairs With These 4 Blind Recruitment Tools

Kathy Rapp Diversity, Hiring Bias, Kathy Rapp

Don’t you love “The Voice“?  Blake and Adam’s banter over why a contestant should pick one over the other.  The jokes, the art and the contestant’s ultimate joy over being selected. Or just looking at Adam.  Or Blake. While “The Dating Game” likely pioneered the concept of blind auditions, “The Voice” has absolutely highlighted the relevance in modern society.  As studies …

Hey, Look! Your New Diversity Chief is a White Guy!

Tim Sackett Culture, Current Affairs, Diversity, Race, Tim Sackett

This didn’t get kicked up in the HR blogosphere too much and I was surprised, but it was released during the holidays and, let’s face it, we really don’t care about social equality if it effects our time off. Twitter recently named its new Diversity Chief, and it’s a white guy!  That isn’t sitting well with folks who are really into …

White People and Political Correctness

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The first thing I want you to know is that this post has nothing to do with with things you might expect based on the title.  Let me give you some examples of things this post is not about: —Ferguson, MO or any of the fallout from that situation (Are there any moderates in this situation I should be reading?) …