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Hire the Overqualified to Maximize Talent ROI

Ed Baldwin Candidate Pool, Ed Baldwin

Virtually all companies want to hire the very best talent available.  Most have some version of this statement proudly displayed on their careers page. But we all know that there are constraints in terms of the price you can afford to pay for that available talent.  That’s the crux of achieving your company’s talent strategy, maximizing the talent you bring …

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How Talent (or Lack Thereof) Can Lead to Systemic Business Failure

RJ Morris Bad HR, Communication, Corporate America, Outmatch, RJ Morris

The legend, John Hollon, tore into United here at FOT earlier this week, accurately writing that culture problems are the core reason Satan ranks higher than United in popularity polls this week. John laid out a solid strategic analysis of where culture impacts service, and he mixed in his own personal experiences. Good stuff…read it if you haven’t. As I …


Here’s Why Life — and HR — Is So Very Different in the Aloha State

John Hollon Employee Relations, HR, John Hollon

HONOLULU — It’s been 20 years since I’ve been in Hawaii, but the moment I arrived back in Honolulu last week, it felt like I had never left. My connection with the Aloha State goes back a long way. Not only did my wife and I honeymoon here, but we lived on Oahu for three years in the mid-90s when I …

Don’t Forget About Burr: Bringing New Talent & Longtime Employees Together

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If you have any interest in today’s pop culture, chances are you’ve heard of a little Broadway musical called Hamilton. If you haven’t, here’s the quick rundown: musical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton, from his humble beginnings to his valiant efforts in the Revolutionary War; his murky political career to, finally, the duel between his frenemy Aaron Burr …

5 HR and Talent Management Lessons from NBA Free Agency 2016

Steve Boese Career Paths, Compensation/Cash Money, HR & Sports, Steve Boese, Talent Strategy

Because you never, ever get tired of the ‘sports and HR/talent’ connection, strap in while I offer up the HR and talent management in the real world spin on five of the latest NBA free agent transactions of what has been a crazy week for the league,  and its teams, players and fans. Here goes… Let’s start with the biggest …

The Cavaliers Fired The Best Coach In Their History, And What That Reminds Us About Talent

Steve Boese Coaching, HR, HR & Sports, Leadership, Steve Boese, Talent Strategy

About two weeks or so ago, the NBA’s Cleveland LeBrons Cavaliers unceremoniously fired their head coach David Blatt. This was despite the team holding the Eastern Conference’s best record (at the time of Blatt’s sacking, the team was a stellar 30-11). Last year, in Blatt’s first season as head coach the team made it to the NBA finals, eventually losing …

The New York Times Dialect Map and Modern Talent Management

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In 2013, the number one most popular piece of online content created by the venerable New York Times was not a typical news story, an editorial, a bombshell piece of investigative journalism, an interview with a head of state, or even a recap of a major cultural event like the Super Bowl or the Oscars. No, the Times’ most visited …

Talent Management, 1989 Style

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Once upon a time, in 1983, a track & field team was formed at a small division III school in Northeast, PA, named Moravian College.  Like most new athletic programs, recruiting was difficult with the absence of a championship and lack of big-name athletes.  The head coach, well aware he would not land the High School State Champion, decided to …

What Does HR Have To Unlearn?

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I’ve been taking stock of the news about HR lately and trying to find a pattern in it.  I did. The pattern I found is the new topics about HR today are exactly the same as they were the day before, and the day before that, and the year before that, etc.  In other words – there is nothing new …