5 Signs It’s Time For Your HR Vacation

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OK gang—you have just a handful of days left to take off for your “holiday” vacation. If I know you, the overachiever you are, I bet you didn’t take enough vacation time throughout 2018 and you are now faced with “use-or-lose” time. To make sure you actually take time off in 2019, here are some telltale signs it is time …


True Sign of a Great Leader > How Well They Protect PTO

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To me, there is one way to know if a leader is worth their salt.  It is something I don’t recall seeing in leadership books, white papers, or in training sessions.  To me the simplest way to see if a leader is doing their job is to ask team members one question: “Did you use all your PTO last year?” …

work/life balance

Can You Choose Your Work/Life Balance? 3 Actions To Take

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Can you? In this world where we are always on, is it possible to draw a line in the proverbial sand and give yourself that desired balance?  To feel like you have mastered being super employee and super (mom/dad/spouse/partner/person)? More and more as I screen senior level candidates, I find this to be a struggle for them. They give their …

The Science Behind Taking a Vacation

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I’ve had a feeling for about 18 years that I wasn’t doing vacation right. Not coincidentally, 18 years ago was the birth of my first child, on our way to three boys. Vacations didn’t seem like vacations. Once you have kids vacations become just trips away from home, where you get less sleep, you pay to get less sleep, and …

You Deserve an HR Sabbatical

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There is an alternate universe where human resources professionals are revered as workforce leaders. They are offered paid leave every seven years to learn more about their industry. They take time off to read, and they travel to random places like India or Cuba and learn about emerging issues in complex labor markets. That universe doesn’t exist for most talent …