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Womansplaining: Why Women Telling Guys How They Should Act Doesn’t Work

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As you might imagine I get contacted about all kinds of HR and TA products and services. I recently got connected with a company called ywomen.biz, ran by ‘Gender Strategist’ Jeffrey Tobias Halter. (Tim note: I instantly don’t like people who use Jeffrey, instead of Jeff, and what’s up with “Tobias” in the middle? This isn’t a Divergent movie! But, …

Overcoming Stereotypes: Attractive Women Can’t Code

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This week, Microsoft is hosting Codess on campus in Redmond.  Codess is a networking event for women engineers—a place where they can get together and learn, mentor, and meet new people like themselves in a world that is dominated by men. The brain trust behind this event is my colleague, Alexa Glick (@alexa_glick for your own enrichment purposes).  She coordinated …