Phone Like a Bad Boyfriend? Dump The Chump. This GREAT Book Will Show You How.

Dawn Burke Dawn Burke, Work Life Balance

I love my phone, really.  But it’s a two-timer, like a bad boyfriend. I mean, I’ve spent hours personalizing my phone, so it knows me.  It loves me. And I’ve spent hours understanding it, its nuances, how it wants me to interact with it, even how to talk to it so it can interpret my accent.  But, sumpin’ isn’t right. …

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Can You Choose Your Work/Life Balance? 3 Actions To Take

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Work Life Balance

Can you? In this world where we are always on, is it possible to draw a line in the proverbial sand and give yourself that desired balance?  To feel like you have mastered being super employee and super (mom/dad/spouse/partner/person)? More and more as I screen senior level candidates, I find this to be a struggle for them. They give their …